Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Cardiff

Kundalini Yoga : Meditation : Sound Therapy : Art

My Mission

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m on a mission to support our collective physical, mental and emotional health and well-being through creative and yoga-related community practises, and to nurture the connection between people and planet. 

As an eco-conscious artist, yogi, teacher and student I endeavour to take full responsibility for my health, happiness and impact on our beautiful planet through self-awareness, self-love, curiosity and openness to what may be possible with a little faith, courage and perseverance. I hope to inspire and empower others to do the same.

Maybe I'll be able to...

Weekly Yoga Classes

@the STUDIO from w/b April 25th

Monday 8-9am (online)
Wednesday 9.30-11am
Friday 7-8.30pm
Sunday 4-5.30pm
Live at the studio with Ali

Exchange: £11/online or £15 in studio

Sound Bath Relaxation


Sundays 6-7.30pm

Relax and rejuvenate immersed in the sound of gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Bamboo chimes
Investment: £15

How Can I Help?

I teach busy people like you how to relax your mind and body with the help of Kundalini yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and creative play with clay, drawing and painting, so that you can find your inner calm, manage your stress levels and improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – whilst enjoying yourself!

I offer weekly Kundalini yoga, meditation and immersive sound baths with gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and chimes, alongside yoga workshops and collaborations. I also teach a weekly experimental ‘guided doodling’ drawing class online, inspired by music and the intuitive flow of creativity, curiosity and free-expression, as well as pottery classes and children’s yoga classes in term-time at Llanover Hall Arts Centre. 

the Studio

I started teaching Kundalini Yoga in Cardiff in 2016, and established a little studio on Pen y Lan Rd in Roath, Cardiff. 

My ceramic art workshop, where I make colourful porcelain light-shades and wall-pieces, has been on the same premises since 2014.

Please book in advance for yoga classes, sound baths and workshops @ the studio to guarantee your space. My art studio is currently open by appointment only so please contact me if you’re interested in making a purchase.

"Live light, Travel light, Be the light"